IMG_4435 (1)All children attending NLCA are encouraged to have a positive attitude to learning and life, and are shown how to make good decisions. Rewarding achievement is a sound principle and encourages children to press on for greater achievement. Children are rewarded for hard work and good behaviour.

“Their enjoyment of school is reflected in their excellent levels of attendance”Ofsted 2014

IMG_4430 (1)Quotes from pupils:

“I really like PACEs (ACE workbooks) because I feel I am learning a lot and I really enjoy them.” Year 5 child
“My favourite thing last term was Tech club because I learnt a lot about gadgets and electricity.” Year 6 child
“The best thing about school is the children. Being an only child at home the children at school bring joy and happiness to my life.” Year 5 child
“I love merit shop and French too. Our school is fantastic.”  Year 2 child

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