Complaints procedure

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1) Introduction

New Life Christian Academy prides itself on the care and support it gives to its pupils. However, if parents/guardians/carers do have a complaint they can expect it to be treated by the school in accordance with this procedure. Complaints will be dealt with during school office hours (Monday to Friday) and by school staff only..

2) Informal Resolution

It is hoped that most complaints and concerns will be resolved quickly and informally.

• If parents/guardians/carers have a complaint they should normally first contact their child’s class teacher. In many cases, the matter will be resolved straightaway to their satisfaction. It may be necessary for the class teacher to ascertain all the facts by speaking to other staff, pupils or parents.

• If the class teacher cannot resolve the matter alone, it may be necessary for him/her to consult the Headteacher.

• Complaints made directly to the Headteacher will usually be referred to the relevant class teacher unless the Headteacher deems it appropriate to deal with the matter personally.

• The class teacher will make a written record of all concerns and complaints and the date on which they were received, when and whether they were resolved. These records will then be passed to the Headteacher. Should the matter not be resolved or in the event that the teacher and the parent/ guardians/carer fail to reach a satisfactory resolution then parents/ guardians/carers will be advised to proceed with their complaint in a more formal manner.

• If the complaint cannot be resolved on an informal basis, then the complainant should put their complaint in writing to the Headteacher.

3) Formal Resolution

• The Headteacher will then decide, after considering the complaint, the appropriate course of action to take.

• In most cases the Headteacher will meet or speak to the complainant as soon as is reasonably practicable after receiving the complaint, to discuss the matter. If possible, a resolution will be reached at this stage. It may be necessary for the Headteacher to carry out further investigations.

• Once the Headteacher is satisfied that, so far as is practicable, all of the relevant facts have been established, a decision will be made and the complainant will be informed of this decision in writing (normally within 5 working days of the Headteacher receiving the complaint). The Headteacher will also give reasons for their decision.

• The Headteacher will keep written records of all meetings and interviews held in relation to the complaint including details of decisions made and at which stage the situation was resolved.

• If the complainant is still not satisfied with the decision, they should proceed to the next stage of complaint – the Governing Body.

• If the complaint is against the Headteacher and cannot be resolved informally the complaint should be put in writing to the Governing Body who will carry out this same procedure.

4) Governing Body

• If the complainant is still not satisfied he/she should put the complaint in writing to the Chair of the Governing Body.

• Contact information of the Chair will be provided by the Headteacher in the written reply (or it can be obtained from the school office), together a copy of the Complaints Procedure.

• The matter will then be dealt with by the Chair of Governors which will involve speaking to all parties concerned. If a resolution can still not be reached a Panel Hearing will be called.

• The Panel will consist of at least three persons not directly involved in the matters detailed in the complaint, one of whom shall be independent of the management and running of the school. Each of the Panel members shall be appointed by the Chair of Governors.

• The Panel Hearing should take place as soon as practicable and normally within 14 working days after receiving the complaint. If the Panel deems it necessary, it may require further particulars of the complaint or any related matter be supplied in advance of the Hearing. Copies of such particulars shall be supplied to all parties not later than 3 working days prior to the Hearing. The complainant may attend the Panel Hearing and may be accompanied by one other person. This may be a relative, teacher or friend. Legal representation will not normally be appropriate.

• If possible, the Panel will resolve the complaint immediately without the need for further investigation. Where further investigation is required, the Panel will decide how it should be carried out.

• After due consideration of all facts they consider relevant, the Panel will reach a decision and may make recommendations, which it shall complete within 7 working days of the Hearing. A copy of the Panels findings and recommendations, including its decision and the reasons for it, will be sent to the complainant, and where relevant the person complained about. These may be sent in electronic form on request.

The findings and recommendations of the Hearing, including its decision and reasons for the decision will also be made available to the Headteacher, Governors, Proprietor for inspection on the school premises. The decision of the Panel will be final.

Written records will be kept of all complaints including decisions made and at which stage they were resolved.

Parents/guardians/carers can be assured that all concerns and complaints will be treated seriously and confidentially; however details of complaints will be made available to persons appointed by the Secretary of State upon request.

5) Review

This procedure will be reviewed as specified in the Policy & Procedures Review Schedule